Push Me Under / El Capitan Split 2016

by El Capitan

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released October 28, 2016

Tracked and mixed by Cameron Murphy at Opaque Audio
Mastered by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording
Artwork by Jordan Eden



all rights reserved


El Capitan Perth, Australia


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Track Name: Woe Is Me
I'm exhausted by your complete disregard for the open arms that have been standing by
Crying wolf at the expense of those who have been there the whole time
So why burden ourselves
With problems easily solved
Just a simple change
And a desire for more
Don't you desire more

Years fade into the past without taking a step
When all that can be seen
Are roadblocks in the path
Free yourself
Take back control
You live in fear of the happiness you know you could have had

You're lost at sea
Ignoring the lights
That could guide you home

When everything turns black you bite the hands of those who are trying to feed
Fighting positive with negative
You can't hope to win
You're never going to win
Track Name: Safe Hands
No sins to be paying for
So no guilt felt come the end
The rules laid down have failed
To prove themselves further in
Conscience is clean
But I now fear whats next
To have to leave behind or be the one that's
On the day I was named I was blessed with a fighting chance

Taught from birth to believe
All that I can achieve
Not just too waste away
Chasing bliss we can't attain

As days shorten it seems
Those held dear become more clear reminders of all that pure
Now I've come to know
I'm realizing everything passed down to me that makes me good I learned from you
Not instilled to breed fear of the unknown
But to grow

Promise of something more is no comfort through the storm
Only safety I know is that which I felt at home
I won't be talked into feeling like I need to be condemned for mistakes that I never made
I refuse to stand trial for a crime that's falsified
I wont be made to feel this guilt this pain
This disgrace

Built from birth to believe
All that I can achieve
Not just too waste away
Chasing bliss we can't attain
Beauty in front i see
Can't be matched in a dream
Grateful for everything
That was handed to me
(I will stay)
Grateful for everything
Track Name: Push Me Under - Nostalgia Blues
Static thoughts, cloud my mind
Stagnant memories, hold me back
Stuck in a storm, no way back
Cold and alone, no way out

My unconscious conscience trips me up
Paralyzed by my own fuck ups
I'm not gonna make the cut
Pull me out

Back for more, shook hands with the devil now he owns my soul
Black turned gold, the past is just a faint storm flickering behind me

Embrace your past, but don't live in it
My future's my own and my alone
Bad memories won't haunt me
I may be worn in, but I'm not worn out

No way back
No way out
Set your sights ahead
The past is dead

This is the next coming of age
These streets don't look the same
An older night seems brighter then a new day
It sends my mind astray

How can you face the day, when life won't go your way
You pick your head up, motherfucker
Track Name: Push Me Under - All You Have To Show
Beg and borrow, to start out on your own
Debt and sorrow, is all you have to show
Take your mark, join the rat race
Follow the herd

Do you take your job, to have and to hold
'Til death do you part, buried in work

It's hard to run with a chain around your throat
Pulled by expectation, your bound to choke

Led from the path
Hold your ground
Break what they make
Don't back down

Who gave you the perch to preach, how life's meant to be